This is a tutorial to show how to make a giff with photoshop image ready. we will learn how to make the giff up top.


Step one: firstdraw out your image, eather on paper or in an image program. I drew this in image ready. for thoughs drawing it on paper remember what you want to move. for things such as the one abuve it would be easier to not include the eyes. trace them on another paper or make them easy to cut out. or, you can just draw the entire image over and over. this is more or less exactly like animation.

I have pointed out some things in the screen cap. first is the top right. I know its a bit hard to read so I'll explain. you want the the boxess to say gif. otherwise the animation won't work if its a jpg or anything else. more or less evorything else is the quality, the quality is how big the file is. this one is highquality.

second bottom right is the layers. I made sure all the eyes were on a difrent layer above the rest of the head. so it was easy to hide layers when that image wasn't needed.


Step two: draw the moving components. in this case the eyes. I just slowly made them progresivly look closed. by drawing a line just under the original top of the eye and then tracing the bottom. its rather simple. once you have all your layers up we will move on to the actual animating. and rememberit is verry imprtaint you have difrent layers for each one!

the marked place is where you monitor the animation. it starts off as only one block, as seen above. so go down to where you see a little new layer button and click it. then hide the preveous layer and show the next. its importaint you hide the others below or else they will show. do this through all the layers. for me there are only 3. open, half closed and closed. but you will notice theres 5 blocks. first have open, then half open, then closed then half open then open. this will make it look more fluid. now below each frame is a list of seconds. this is how long you want it to show. I had the opening for .2 seconds, the middle for 0 the closed for 1 and then the same in revurse. now this is really up to you. I felt a faster blink and a longer open and slightly longer closed made it seem more natural. but somtimes it can be too slow, or to fast. the play button is our friend! and the button on the far bottom left that sais once, change that to forever, unless you only want the afect once when it loads. examples can be seen below.

step three: I croped my image down to be less lop sided and shrank it. but thats really anyones prefrence.


and finaly step 4! save as optimized. not save as! save as only saves it as a PSD! and then your done! I hope this didn't confuse anyone more. for questions just ask on DA. thank you.